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Weird Things That Can Cause Etching And Scratches On Auto Glass

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Are you a car owner? If so, you may not be fully aware of substances and actions that can cause damage to your auto glass. This can lead to you needing to replace your auto glass for aesthetic or safety reasons. The following points will arm you with the knowledge you need to protect yourself and your vehicle.

Windshield Cleaners 

The supplies that you use to clean your windshield can cause damage. Some glass cleaners have chemicals that can damage auto glass even if they are safely used on other glass surfaces. You can also create etches on your windshield during inclement weather if you use an ice scraper to remove ice and snow.

Sometimes windshields have gunk or debris on them. You might want to use a squeegee to remove the unsightly materials. Squeegees can trap dirt, and the sediment can cause damage when the squeegee is wiped across windshield surfaces. This is why it is best not to use complimentary squeegees at convenience stores since you will not know when the squeegees or cleaning water have been changed.

Leaves and Tree Droppings

Try to avoid parking in areas with overhanging trees. The trees could cause damage to your vehicle if heavy branches drop on your vehicle due to weather or dying limbs of the tree. Leaves may not seem to be a threat to the integrity of your windshield. However, if you attempt to remove leaves by turning on your windshield wipers, the leaves could cause etching to occur.

It is best to clear the leaves away gently if they are loose. Stuck leaves can get removed using a clean utensil such as a snow brush. When the leaves are removed, you can initiate your vehicle's wiper fluid feature to loosen, rinse, and remove residue safely. 

Bird Droppings 

Bird feces may be acidic enough to cause various types of damage to the exterior of vehicles. Some people think that vehicle paint is the only area to have concerns about. Bird droppings can also damage windshields if the substances are allowed to settle on the glass and harden.

You can easily rinse away droppings when they are fresh. Hardened material needs to get softened with water and then rinsed away. Some birds may have an upset stomach reaction to seeds and berries they consume. The undigested portions can etch glass if the cleaning process is done incorrectly.

An auto glass repair shop is a good resource to use to detect damage that may be hard for the naked eye to discern. They may be able to fill in the damage before it gets worse. This can lengthen the lifespan of your auto glass.

For more information, contact an auto glass service in your area.