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Seven Benefits Of Impact-Resistant Storm Windows

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If you live in an area prone to severe storms or hurricanes, you must take steps to protect the windows from damage. Otherwise, wind and water will come in and cause major damages to your home. Impact-resistant windows are one option you have for window protection.

1.  Save Money

If you already need new windows and hurricane shutters, you can save a lot of money by simply going with impact-resistant windows instead. You may pay slightly more for these compared to traditional windows, but the cost will still be much less than new windows and shutters combined.

2. Increase Safety

Impact-resistant storm windows make your home safer since debris won't be able to shatter the glass. Further, the house is always protected, even if you can't get home to close shutters or board up the windows.

3. Maintain Visibility

One frustrating aspect of hurricane shutters is that they completely block your view outside, making it impossible to monitor the progress of the storm. With impact-resistant windows, you still have natural light streaming in, and better yet, you can safely view how the storm is progressing without leaving your home.

4. Decrease Energy Use

There is a side benefit of impact-resistant windows. Due to their more durable design, they are also made with fewer air leaks. This means they decrease the amount of cooled or heated air that escapes your home, thus increasing the overall energy efficiency of your home.

5. Improve Appearance

A major issue with hurricane shutters is their appearance. Permanently affixed models are always visible, either as fully opened shutters or as roll-up panels that tuck into large unsightly boxes next to the window. Switching to impact windows lets you ditch the shutters so your home's exterior looks nicer.

6. Uses Less Effort

Some people opt for hurricane panels instead of shutters because of the above aesthetic concern, but these pose a different problem. You have to put them up before the storm and take them down after, which requires time and effort. Impact shutters are always in place, so you don't have to lift a finger to protect your home.

7. Less Noise Issues

The thicker impact-resistant glass and quality seals around an impact-resistant window greatly cuts down on noise. If you live in a noisy area or near a busy street, this little side benefit can make the upgrade to impact-resistant windows even more beneficial.

Contact an impact-resistant window installer to learn more about your options today.