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Signs You Need To Repair Your New Frameless Glass Shower Doors

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The purpose of a bathroom remodel is to create the illusion of space and make it appear bigger. By installing frameless glass shower doors, your bathroom acquires a sophisticated look and an artistic feel. Glass shower doors are meant to provide the functionality that their traditional counterparts may not. They offer sanitary benefits while letting you display stylish bathroom tones and accents.

With time, your frameless glass door will show particular signs that need attention. If you notice that the door requires repair, call professional glass shower door services immediately.

Here are signs that you need your glass shower doors to be repaired.

Door Leaks

Nothing beats the look of frameless glass shower doors when installed professionally in your bathroom. Indeed, these doors are low maintenance, but you need to keep inspecting them before and after taking a bath. If you notice that water leaks out of the shower, it could be a problem with the seals and gaskets. Worn out seals don't warrant a full door replacement. You should call a glazier to repair worn seals. These specialists inspect the door to ascertain whether it's a seal problem or cracks have formed and are causing the leaks.

Shower Door Dragging

If your frameless glass shower doors were installed according to standards, you should experience smooth door opening and closing. If you realize the door is dragging when you open or close, it could be an alignment problem. Before you call a glass specialist, check whether there is debris or foreign objects that obstruct the door. If there's none, you need to notify a skilled shower door installer to repair the anomaly. A glazier might choose to adjust the door clamps to remedy the situation.

Scratches on the Door

Periodic inspection of your frameless glass door is highly recommended. With time, scratches can occur. To reinforce the door's integrity, call frameless shower door specialists to fill in and reinforce the scratches. This extends the life of your door and stops minor scratches from becoming costly repair problems. You should never try DIY skills on your frameless glass shower doors. It could aggravate minor issues and force you to replace the door altogether.

Dirty or Bent Rollers

If you've installed sliding glass shower doors, they rely on rollers to operate. If you notice the doors jam or close halfway, you need to call a glass shower doors specialist. They inspect your rollers, lubricate them, and clean their tracks. If it's a bent roller issue, the glazier knows where to get the right parts to fix such a problem.

If you have minor frameless glass shower door issues, call a glass shower door service near you to learn more about what to do.