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Why You May Want A Custom Wall Mirror And How One Might Be Installed

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Mirrors are useful pieces of decor for your home since they are not only eye-catching, they also make your room seem larger. If you plan to install a large wall mirror, you'll want to hire a professional to install it. Whether the mirror has a frame or not, mirrors are heavy and difficult to install safely. Here are some benefits of placing a custom mirror in your home and a few steps involved in custom mirror installation.

Why You Might Want A Mirror In Your Home

A big mirror in your living room, dining room, or entryway can make a small area seem much larger. A mirror is a good fix for a small home that you want to look bigger. In addition, if the mirror is positioned just right, it reflects natural light from windows. This makes your room seem brighter.

With more illumination, you can see better to read, knit, and do other tasks. Plus, when the mirror reflects light, it can make your home look shiny and clean.

How A Heavy Mirror With A Frame Is Installed

When you hire a glass company for a custom mirror installation job, the first thing they do is check the area where you want the mirror. The company can even help you choose the right type of mirror if you don't already have one picked out. The company may even make a custom mirror that fits the wall perfectly.

A heavy mirror needs to attach to the wall studs, and this might affect the positioning of the frame. The wall also has to be flat so the mirror rests flat. However, the installers might attach spacers that keep the mirror a slight distance from the wall.

Also, the frame has to have sturdy hardware or have hardware applied that will hold the weight of the frame and mirror glass. Precise measurements are taken so the mirror will be level and centered on the wall. A heavy, framed mirror might be installed with a cleat that is screwed into the wall so the mirror can hang from it.

How A Frameless Mirror Is Installed

While a framed mirror is hung from a cleat or other type of wall anchor, a frameless mirror has to use another method. Your custom mirror installer has a few options to consider. One is to use adhesive. This can be done if the chosen adhesive will support the weight of the mirror, so knowing the weight is important.

Adhesive might be used alone or along with another method to ensure the mirror is secure. Frameless mirrors are sometimes installed with brackets or clips. The clips are small clear pieces that are barely noticeable on the mirror. They are screwed to the wall so the mirror can be slid into them. A row of clips attaches to the top and bottom of the mirror.

Custom mirror installation can be a difficult process, but glass installers have several methods for attaching both framed and frameless mirrors. The installers choose the brackets, clips, anchors, cleats, tracks, or adhesives that are needed for your custom mirror so it is safely secured to the wall and looks attractive, too.