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Debunking 4 Myths About Windshield Repair

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Your windshield is no ordinary glass. It provides a clear vision of the road and protects you and your passengers from the elements and any objects that may come flying your way. 

Unfortunately, your windshield may develop chips, cracks, and dents from external forces, prompting you to seek repair or replacement services. In the process, you may also encounter various misconceptions that lead you to make wrong decisions. Here are the top four myths about windshield repair. 

A Small Chip Is Harmless

Most drivers ignore small chips, thinking they're harmless. But in reality, a chip, irrespective of how small it looks, can cause extensive damage to your windshield. As the air blows over the windshield, the chip increases in size and may eventually turn into a crack. 

Again, if the chip lies in the driver's sight, it may hinder visibility, thus putting your safety at risk. Therefore, consult a windshield expert to determine if repair or replacement is needed as soon as you notice a chip on your windshield. 

All Windshield Repair Services Are Expensive

This is false. While the cost of windshield repair will vary depending on the size of the damage, it's not something to be scared of. Besides, only minor repairs are needed if you seek professional help early when the damage is minimal. 

Of course, if the windshield damage is extensive, a windshield replacement is needed, and the cost may be a bit high. But that's nothing compared to the safety implications of driving around with a damaged windshield. Don't forget that your auto insurance may take care of the repair or replacement if a covered issue necessitates the need.

DIY with a Repair Kit Is Okay

You may consider following a DIY repair kit to fix a windshield issue. But since you're not an expert, you risk misinterpreting the instructions in the kit and making costly mistakes. 

A certified windshield expert will first assess the damage to determine whether a repair or replacement is needed. After that, they'll utilize their expertise to solve the issue while observing all safety measures. If a complication were to occur, their experience would allow them to notice and fix it immediately. 

De-Icing Your Windshield Cannot Cause Damage

De-icing your windshield can lead to massive damage. For example, pouring hot water on the windshield could lead to rapid temperature changes, causing the entire windshield to shatter. Scraping off ice using sharp metal objects can also cause serious dents or cracks on the windshield. 

Professional de-icing of the windshield involves a combination of a de-icer spray and ice-scraper. When these two are correctly utilized, the ice can be removed without hurting your windshield. 

Contact an auto glass repair service for more information.