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2 Benefits Of Installing A Frameless Shower Door In Your Home's Bathroom

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If your bathroom shower has a door that is ready to fall off or is starting to look old and worn out, you may have decided that it is time to replace it. While looking for a replacement, you may be searching for a framed one that matches the style of the old door.

However, since you need to replace the door, you may want to consider changing it up and going with a frameless design. There are a couple of benefits that come with installing a frameless shower door in your home's bathroom.

1. A Frameless Design Means Less Work Cleaning and Maintaining the Shower Door

One benefit of choosing a frameless door for your shower is that it means less work for you. When you have a shower door with a frame, you have to make sure that you clean underneath the edges of it so that mildew does not grow and create even more work for you.

Along with preventing mildew, a metal-framed door also has to be aired out and dried to keep moisture from making it rust. However, with a frameless door, you do not have these extra steps to clean and maintain your shower. 

2. The Glass Is Tempered and Typically Stronger than the Glass in Regular Framed Shower Doors

Another advantage of a frameless door over a standard framed design is that the glass tends to be stronger in the latter. With a framed door, it usually uses thick glass but is not tempered or coated to give it extra strength. While it should last, there is a chance that the glass could break or shatter if is shifts in the frame while opening and closing the door.

However, frameless doors use glass that is tempered with a safety coating applied to both surfaces of the glass. This strengthens the glass to give it more durability. And since there is no frame, you do not have to worry about the glass shifting and breaking while in use.

When it comes time to replace your bathroom's shower door, consider that a glass one with a frameless design is stronger and tends to be safer than regular framed glass doors. It also means less work for you since there is no frame to have to clean or keep dry in between showers, so it does not rust. If you are interested in learning more, contact a business that offers frameless shower doors to speak with a sales representative.